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ETA – 5 working days

When you opt for our logo design service, you’ll receive a high-definition logo, logo animation, and a range of additional benefits.

  1. Unlimited Revisions: We provide unlimited revisions to ensure your logo is perfect. We’ll work with you until you are completely satisfied.
  2. Vector File Format: Receive your logo in vector file format, which allows for scalability without loss of quality. This is essential for various applications.
  3. Brand Style Guide: Get a comprehensive brand style guide that includes colour codes, typography choices, and logo usage guidelines for consistent branding.
  4. Social Media Kit: Receive logo variations optimized for various social media platforms’ profile and cover image dimensions.
  5. Stationery Design: Extend your branding to business cards, letterheads, and envelopes with custom stationery design.
  6. Favicon Design: We’ll create a favicon version of your logo for use in web browsers, enhancing your online brand presence.
  7. Copyright Transfer: You will have full ownership of the logo design, and we’ll transfer all copyrights to you.
  8. Source Files: Access to the source design files (e.g., Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files) for future edits or modifications.
  9. Responsive Logo Design: If needed, we can create versions of your logo optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions.
  10. Print-Ready Files: Receive print-ready versions of your logo for use in various marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, and banners.
  11. Discounted Marketing Materials: Enjoy special discounts on marketing materials like banners, signage, and promotional products featuring your logo.
  12. Priority Support: Benefit from priority customer support for any logo-related inquiries or assistance.
  13. Animated Logo Variations: In addition to logo animation, we can create different animated versions of your logo for various digital applications.
  14. Branded Merchandise Design: If you plan to create branded merchandise, we can design artwork for items like T-shirts, mugs, or hats.
  15. Market Research: We offer market research services to help you understand how your logo fits within your industry and target market.
  16. Competitive Analysis: Receive insights into your competitors’ logos and branding strategies to ensure your logo stands out.
  17. Multilingual Logo Versions: If your target audience is global, we can create logo variations tailored to different languages and cultural preferences.
  18. Social Media Branding Consultation: Get expert advice on how to effectively use your new logo and branding on social media platforms.

These additional options can enhance the value and impact of your logo design service, ensuring that your brand is well-represented across various mediums and platforms.


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